Intel High Definition Audio (also named HD Audio or by its codename Azalia) is a specification for audio of personal computers released in 2004 as a succesor to the AC'97 audio standard released in 1997.

Pin out comparisonEdit

Pin AC'97 signal AC'97 signal type HD Audio signal HD Audio signal type
1 MIC analog to MB PORT1 L analog to/from MB
2 AUD_GND ground GND ground
3 MIC BIAS bias power/analog to MB PORT1 R analog to/from MB
4 AUD_GND ground PRESENCE# digital to/from MB
(dongle present detection)
5 FP_OUT_R analog from MB PORT 2R analog to/from MB
6 FP_RETURN_R switched analog loopback to MB SENSE1_RETURN switched digital loopback to MB
(port 1 jack detection)
7 AUD_5V power SENSE_SEND digital from MB (loopback source)
8 KEY missing pin KEY missing pin
9 FP_OUT_L analog from MB PORT 2L analog to/from MB
10 FP_RETURN_L analog to MB SENSE2_RETURN switched digital loopback to MB
(port 2 jack detection)
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